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NewGround Invited to Shenzhen Academy of Environmental Sciences for an Academic Symposium on Pollute


Recently, NewGround’s soil remediation team under the leadership of General Manager Guo Jia visited the Shenzhen Academy of Environmental Sciences and had an academic symposium with researchers of its Soil and Environmental Research Institute. Lun Xifan, researcher of Water and Soil Office of Shenzhen Habitation and Environment Commission, and Xing Yi, Vice President of Shenzhen Academy of Environmental Sciences attended the symposium.

In the symposium, NewGround briefly introduced the Company’s development orientation and Sino-US core team members for the soil remediation business segment, and then gave a wonderful report on American polluted site management and remediation methods, focusing on comprehensive introduction of causes and development history of American environmental pollution prevention and control laws and regulations, as well as American site investigation processes, conceptual models and latest investigative techniques, application of risk assessment in remediation, remediation processes, typical project cases and latest trends.

After the completion of the report from NewGround, related personnel of the Shenzhen Habitation and Environment Commission and the Shenzhen Academy of Environmental Sciences put forward very targeted questions on problems encountered during work and research, especially specific difficulties in soil remediation faced by Shenzhen. Guo Jia, General Manager of NewGround, on behalf of the remediation team, gave satisfactory answers to those questions one by one and proposed some suggestions with reference to mature experience of the United States and China’s reality.

The symposium was a great success and the expertise and morale of NewGround displayed won praise from all participants. Lun Xifan said that reference would be made to relevant overseas experience in Shenzhen’s polluted site investigation, assessment and remediation to be implemented in the next phase, but the government needs to have in-depth thinking in formulating and implementing soil pollution prevention and control regulations; he also hoped to have more communication with domestic and overseas experienced environment remediation teams like NewGround to learn both experience and lessons.

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